About Evan


  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

Training Background:

  • CrossFit since 2018
  • Collegiate athlete – Baseball/Football 

I have been an athlete my whole life playing sports like baseball, football, and basketball.  I trained directly for sports and started in the gym around 17 years old. One day in college, I watched a Rich Froning video (like most) and was immediately hooked. My favorite things about CrossFit are the different modalities used. I love being able to do Olympic weightlifting, powerlifting, running/cardio and gymnastics all in one program. I am super competitive so I’m always down to train with people. I love this community here at Havoc, I believe it’s unmatched anywhere else. I plan to be a competitive athlete alongside coaching. 

Favorite workout: Kelly/Amanda 

Favorite lift: snatch 

Coaching Background:

  • CrossFit Trainer since 2020

I have been an assistant high school baseball coach and also have been coaching CrossFit here at Havoc. I absolutely love seeing people do things they thought they couldn’t. I’ve been in those shoes! I remember the days when I first started CrossFit to where I am now and a big part of that progress is proper coaching. So I am very passionate when coaching and I hope to help all the athletes progress in their endeavors at the gym.

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