Membership Options

All Access

  • Access to the gym during all open hours
  • Includes All CrossFit classes lead by an experienced Trainer
  • Includes All Open Gym times
  • Take Classes or Do your own thing
  • Discounted Rates on Specialty Classes
  • Loyalty Program Option
Per Month$150
Additional Family$120
MC School Emp$120
Under 18 Years$50
Drop In$12
L1 Drop In$10
Affiliate Owner DI$0

Open Gym

  • Use of the gym during all Open hours
  • Any Equipment can be used, unless being used by classes
  • You are responsible for returning all equipment used to original home and cleaning areas used
  • No coaching is included in this membership
Per Month$50
Class Drop In$12
L1 Drop In$10
Affiliate Owner DI$0

Personal Training

  • One-on-One Hour-long session with and experienced Trainer
  • Discounts available for Couples and Bulk Packages
  • Programing is tailored to the individual and differs based on your individual goals
Per Hour$60
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