Fellow Havoc Member Preeti Patel, owner of RANI Goods, has decided to offer some homemade face masks.

Half of all proceeds will go to help Havoc stay open.

There are 12 fabric choices and orders can be shipped or picked up.

Email: goods@ranigoods.com and just mention HAVOC when you place your order.

-Sizes: S (women), L(men) and kids
-Layers: 3 layers of fabric
-Material: 100% woven cotton
-Straps: adjustable tie straps behind the ears
-Care: Machine washable
-Cost: $10/mask (50% ($5/mask) for HAVOC)
-Shipping: $4 total per order (not per mask) Or FREE pick up
-Fabric options (in pic):

1. Aqua
2. Black
3. Navy
4. Gray
5. Blue gray
6. Red orange
7. Pale pink
8. White
9. Red blue paisley
10. Red checkers
11. Animal denim
12. Blue denim

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