First One

So I have decided to start a sort of training blog. It will be a log of what I am doing in the gym as far as training goes and also any other random thoughts I think of.

So I decided about 3-4 weeks ago that I would set sort of a more regular training schedule for myself. I was looking to find a way to get better at pretty much all things and also stay motivated to train all the time. Sometimes just the act of wanting to train is were the struggle lies.

This is what I came up with:

Monday: Bench Press/ Push Press/ Jerks

Tuesday: Cleans/ Muscle up help

Wednesday: Back Squat/ Handstand Push ups

Thursday: Snatch/ Deadlift

Friday: Strict Press/ Strict Pull ups

Saturday: Front Squat/ Handstand Push ups

So far it has been going pretty good. I make sure and keep these things my main priority and then depending on what we program in the gym I may add in the days metcon or something a little different.

Some days have been harder than others and depending on how sore I am I may have to move things around.

One thing I have been really trying to “fix” is my muscle up. I got my first one before we even left Oklahoma about a year and a half ago. Then I got pretty efficient at a very inefficient muscle up with a left arm turn only and then having to kind of jump my other arm into a turnaround. So I decided that I was not going to do muscle ups forever with only a one-armed-pull. Worked on it for about 3 weeks with no luck and started to get VERY discouraged. Then one day something just worked and I fixed it!

Come workout #1 trying to do a two-armed-pull muscle up. That was this past Wednesday. Workout was:

For Time:

20 Deadlifts @ 180

10 Strict deficit HSPU w/ two 25lb plates

20 Front squats @ 130

10 Rope climbs

20 Shoulder to overhead @ 95

10 Muscle ups

First off my HSPU’s sucked. Only got 7 and then had to take the plates away. Got really pissed…. besides the point.

Come to the muscle ups. Get on the rings….kip….only left arm turns! Go again….only left arm! F*@K! Too pissed to even think. Finished the workout and started over trying to fix my one-armed-pull muscle up…….

This is where the real struggle in training lies. You will succeed. Then you will fail. But what you decide to do next is what really matters.

So Thursday back on the rings. One-armed-pull….One-armed-pull….Two-armed-pull….Two-armed-pull…. Okay feeling good.

So Friday here we go again. Two two-armed-pulls in a row…. Three two-armed-pulls in a row…. Four two-armed-pulls in a row! Just PR’d my muscle ups from 3 one-armed-pull muscle ups to 4 two-armed-pull muscle ups.

Okay so Wednesdays workout rage turned into a Friday celebration. You just never know until you try.

**** Natasha ****



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