Making PR’s and Staying Motivated.

So since the competition I have had some off and on training days. But that is something you have to embrace and know that you have to get through the bad days to have the good ones.

Kept momentum on my squats on Sunday and tried to Back squat. Plan was to try 175 lbs for 3 sets of 2. Well no go. Got one set at 173 lbs(thought it was 175 lbs and this totally mind f*%ked me.) So I put 175 lbs on the bar and only got it for 1 rep. And didn’t try again. I was kind of defeated.

So move on to Strict Press. Tried to use 80 lbs got 3 sets of 3. Felt like crap cause I was supposed to be doing 10 sets but then realized I was going to heavy. Where was my head this day!!!!!!!

I tried to throw Sunday in the trash and start fresh on Monday.

1. Went for a new Bench Press Max: got 120 lbs! (6% increase over my last max!)

2. Then Open Workout 11.6: Increasing by 3 reps each for 7 minutes: 3 Thrusters, 3 Chest-to-Bar Pull ups. I got 125 reps. The round of 15 + 2 Thrusters. Never did this workout so I didn’t feel too bad about my score.


1. I went for a new Strict Press max and got 85 lbs(6% increase over my last max)

2. Decided to Overhead Squat since I have not done that in forever: 5 x 3 @ 95 lbs

3. Then did Open Workout 11.3: Another I have never done. 5 minutes of max Squat Clean and Jerks @ 108 lbs. Got 22 reps. Felt good about this one.

Then I didn’t workout. Sometimes your body just wants to rest and you have to listen.

Waited until Saturday and motivation kind of came back to me.

1. Front Squat: 3 x 2 @ 160 lbs (my old max) got two sets and then only one rep on my last set, may be time to test this new max too!

2. 10 Rounds: (20:18) Sometime you do a metcon “for time” but don’t really try to go fast….

2 Power Cleans @ 125 lbs, 4 Strict HSPU

What was cool about this workout was I was able to do all but 4 sets of my HSPU’s unbroken! Yes progress!

3. 5 Rounds: (7:42)

20 Double unders (all except 1 unbroken), 10 Pull ups, 5 Push Press @ 85 lbs

Sunday spent most of the day scoring people’s Open Workouts. Everyone did awesome!

Then Monday came and:

1. Open Workout 15.1/15.1A needed to be completed. Way to wait for the last minute: I discovered that I still suck at toes to bar. Open workouts always seem to find your weaknesses and throw them in your face! Maybe I should add that in my regular training more often. I got 125 reps which was 15 + 2 Thrusters.

2. Tried to do today’s metcon which was 10 Rounds of: 2 Muscle ups, 200 Meter Run, 4 Thrusters @ 95 lbs. I didn’t realize how tired I was from the Open WOD so I ended up cutting it down to 5 Rounds. You have to hear what your body is telling you sometimes. Those 5 Rounds took me 14:07. BUT I did all my muscle ups unbroken!


1. Metcon not for time: 10 Rounds: 2 Snatches @ 95 lbs, 8 GHD Sit ups

2. MAX Double unders: new PR at 77 from my old one of 59!


1. Max Back Squat: 180 lbs (12.5% increase from my old max) I guess all that squatting paid off. Going to have to start this again!

2. For Time: (25:36)

600 Meter Run (yes I ran of my own choice…a change is a coming)(3:36)

Followed by: 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 of: Power Clean @ 95 lbs, Ring Dips, Strict Pullups


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