Getting focused again.

So my training has been pretty inconsistent because of a lot of things. Mostly the CrossFit Open and then hosting The Havoc Games; oh and the lack of sleep lately.

There are many things to be said about the CrossFit Open. There are so many different sides to it. I really think that it is tooooooo long! It takes 5-6 weeks of your life just waiting to see what the workout will be and throughout the week you are just kind of not knowing what to do in the gym because you don’t know what is coming up for the workout. Should you do handstand push ups? Wallballs? Don’t know because it could be released in the Open WOD the next day.

I think it should be one or two weeks long with all workouts released at once and you must complete them in that week or two week time frame. But…. that would not drag out the process and allow CrossFit HQ to make more money and create more media hype….

This is the first year that I have just done the workouts to do them with not really driving myself too crazy about the workouts. It has been better for me mentally. But it still seems to mess up my training schedule.

The Open does force a lot of things out of people which can be very positive. You sign up for something so you feel held accountable to push yourself maybe differently then you previously have. You may get a PR. Or you may find a weakness that you tend to neglect or avoid in the gym and it gets shoved in your face by an Open WOD.

Hosting The Havoc Games was a blast and I can’t wait for the event to grow next year. Will we hold it in the middle of the Open? NO. Will we announce and promote it less than a month in advanced? NO.

Anyways. Getting my training back on track is my priority and has been a struggle. Sleep has been hard for me lately which is a new thing and it has been hard for me to get and stay motivated. So this is how I started this week.


1. Row 400 meters (trying to get used to rowing again)

2. Open WOD 15.4 (52 reps)

3. 10 Rounds (11:37)- 4 Pistols, 6 K.B. Snatches @ 35 lbs, 8 K.B. Jerks @ 35 lbs


1. Strict Press: 5 x 3 @ 72 lbs (85% current max)

2. For Time: (22:43) 5 Rope Climbs, 10 Snatches @ 85 lbs, 20 Burpees w/ lateral jump over bar, 40 Pullups, 600 Meter run, 40 Pullups, 20 Burpees w/ lateral jump over bar, 10 Snatches @ 85 lbs, 5 Rope Climbs


1. Bench Press: 5 x 3 @ 105 lbs (86% current max)

2. Back Squat: 5 x 3 @ 160 lbs (88% current max)

I am planning on writing up a new weekly schedule for myself as far as what to do in the gym. That really helped me stay focused and I saw good results. What to focus on is the question…..


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