Gymnastics Tuesday January 17th / Friday January 20th

Tuesday January 17th:

  • Warm up:

2 rounds
1:00 facing wall HS Hold
10 push ups
10 each side – opposite arm opposite leg raises
20 PVC pass throughs

  • Skill:

HSPU Walking
5 min of Handstand facing wall – ease feat off and maintain tight core
Practice HS Walking

  • EMOM – 10 min

8 shoulder taps + 10 hollow rocks

  • Workout:

3 rounds
10 handstands – free standing
15 GHD Sit Ups
10 Ring Dips
15 leg raises on bench

  • Homework:

3xME Static Pull Up Hold
5×2 Skin the Cats
10×1 Bar MU double kipping practice
10×1 Low bar from floor bar MU
practice Bar MU from box
Friday January 20th:

  • Warm up:

2 rounds
8 pull up bar dips
10 GHD Sit ups w/pvc pipe – mimic MU movement
Band stretches

  • Skill:

Bar MUs
10 double kipping practice – try to get your hips to the bar
Low Bar MU work – focus on high elbow turnover
8 Bar MU w/ band or without!

  • EMOM – 10 min

4 – Chest to Bar – focus on high elbows, don’t pull body under the bar, pull behind the bar!

  • Workout:

AMRAP – 10 Min
5 strict toes to bar
5 Pull Up Bar Dips

  • Homework:

3xME Static Bottom of the Ring Dip Hold
3xME L-Sit Ring Hold
3×8 Ring Push Ups
3×10 HS Shoulder Taps


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