Gymnastics February 7th and 10th

Tuesday February 7th:

  • Warm up:

1:00 HS hold

:90 Couch Stretch (each side)
:45 Pigeon Stretch (each side)
:30 right split hold

:30 left split hold
:30 center split
  • Skill:
HS Walking
10 Plank to inch worm HS drill
10 Rower Pikes – or yoga ball
Side walking on hands while against wall – 5 each direction
Practice HS kick Ups
HS walking with pvc support
EMOM 10 min
10ft HS Walk
4 Ring dips
  • Workout:
EMOM as long as you can last
Strict T2B 1…2…3…4…5
6 Burpees
  • Homework:
3xME Static Pull Up Hold
4×5 Strict Pull ups
3×10 Side HS walking while on wall (5each direction)
10×1 Bar MU with band or box
Friday February 10th:
  • Warm up:
2 rounds
20 pass throughs with PVC
2xME Static Pull up hold
5 strict pull ups
Tracy run stretches
  • Skill:
Butterfly Pull Ups
Technique Overview
5 Sets of:
2- Strict Pull Ups
3- Gymnastic Kip Pull Ups
4- Butterfly Pull Ups
  • Workout
Bar MUs
Thrusters (63#)
  • Homework:
EMOM 10 min – 5 HSPUs (any way that challenges you)
4×5 Ring Dips
3×10 GHDs
Practice Splits

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