Gymnastics March 20th and 22nd

Monday March 20th:

  • Warm Up:

5 Negative Pull Ups
10 GHD Sit Ups
1:00 HS Hold
Band Shoulder Stretches

  • Skill:

Push Ups
30 Deficit HSPU every third rep :05 ct in the bottom

  • Workout:

EMOM until failure
Increasing Pistols + 8 Wall Balls 2-4-6-8-10-12…

  • All Week Homework:

10 Pull Overs
5×3 Strict Pull Ups
Bar MU practice – Stay patient, move around the bar NOT TO THE BAR! – Work as many reps your hands can handle. Do not tear!
5×2 – Deficit HSPU practice – Start small, just plates and a slight deficit to practice
10 min work on freestanding HSs – gain balance, stay tight in core
10×5 (5 steps each way) side HS walks against wall

Wednesday March 22nd:

  • Warm Up:

1:00 HS Hold
:30 Ring Hold
Couch Stretch
Pigeon Stretch

  • Skill:

Bar MU’s
Work on low bar transitions into negative MUs
EMOM 10 min
1-2 Bar MU’s w/band

  • Workout:

3 rounds
12 Ring Dips
20 Legless Wall Balls

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