Gymnastics Class 4/10 and 4/12

Tuesday – 4-10-18

Warm up: 2 rounds
10 ring row’s false grip
10 ring dips
10 broad jumps

Skill: Ring MUs

work on technique – 5 min
pull up contraption
low ring transitions
hip drive transitions
EMOM 10 min
2-3 Jumping Ring MU’s

Workout: * break up work as you see fit

100 pull ups
50 T2B
50 Pistols
100 GHD Sit Ups
50 Box Jumps
50 push ups
1000m Run
Thursday – 4-12-18

Warm up: 2 rounds
15 leg raises on bench

GHD Shoulder Stretch/band stretches
8 PVC banded drive to hip

Skill: Toes 2 Bar
EMOM 16 min

odd: 4 around the worlds
even: 5-10 T2B

Death By:

Pistols & Burpees

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