Gymnastics Week 1 November 1st and 4th

Gymnastics Starts Tonight!


Warm up
10 scap pull ups + 10 beat swings + 10 cal echo bike + 10 no push up burpees

Test day
Max Bar Muscle up OR Max Chest to bar OR Max Pull ups AND Max Strict pull ups
*it is based no current skill if you test muscle ups, chest to bar or pullups

EMOM x 12:00
Minute 1: 50% of max strict pull ups
Minute 2: 6-12 strict ring dips

AMRAP 10:00
1 wollymocker (4 push ups + 4 double leg mountain climbers + 4 air squats)
1 BMU or 3 chest to bar
2,2(6)..3,3(9).. etc


Warm up
500 m row
10 scap pull ups + 10 beat swings + 10 knee raises

Every 3:00 x 5
50% of max bar muscle ups/chest to bar pullups/banded muscle ups
30-50 double unders (cap at :45)
10-15 v ups

For time:
30/24 cal row
40 burpees to target
30/24 cal row
30 pull ups
30/24 cal row
20 toes to bar
30/24 cal row
10 bar muscle up // 20 chest to bar // 10 banded muscle ups

75 sit ups or 50 GHD sit ups
3-5 minutes in plank

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