About Lisa


  • CrossFit level 1 Trainer

Training Background:

  • CrossFit since 2013

I am grew up in Michigan, lived in Connecticut for 20 years before moving to Florida in
November of 2017. Exercise had never really been a priority for me. I belonged to a local gym
and lifted weights, but never really got the results I was looking for. On a whim, I joined
CrossFit in 2013. It wasn’t easy, and I was nervous, but I instantly loved it and was motivated by
the challenge CrossFit presented. I decided to attend a Level 1 seminar, not necessarily to
become a coach but to learn and experience more about health and fitness. As I progressed I
wanted to share my knowledge and love of CrossFit with others and began coaching. It’s been 6
years now, 4 of them right here at CrossFit Havoc. I love helping someone achieve a goal they
never thought they could, their first pull-up, PR a lift, showing up for themselves, the list goes
on. I must admit, my favorite part of the entire experience is the friendships that I have made
over the years. The community that I am a part of is the best!!

  • CrossFit Trainer since 2017

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