About Margarito


  • CrossFit level 1 Trainer

Training Background:

  • CrossFit since 2015

I was born and raised in manatee County.  I’ve been working out on and off pretty much since high school.  I got introduced to crossfit by my wife which my exact words were “crossfit is for chicks” I couldn’t have been more right and wrong. I got a huge peice of humble pie and instantly fell in love! I got the opportunity to become a coach a couple years in, and I’ve had the pleasure of coaching the 5 AM class for just over 5 years now. Waking up so early can definitely be challenging,  but I’m reminded how much I love it every time I get to coach all the crazy people that decide to get up and crush it in the mornings. I’m thankful for the community we have at Havoc and always look forward to seeing new faces.

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