About Natasha

“If someone would have told me I would put 170 pounds over my head and do 15 strict pull ups in a row. I would have said they must have the wrong girl. CrossFit WILL change your life.” -Natasha


  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

Training Background:

  • CrossFit since 2010

 I was never the sports girl growing up. I tried Soft Ball and Volleyball but nothing seemed to stick. My husband Jim tried to get me to work out with him for 8 years. I couldn’t be convinced that working out needed to be a part of my life. Then one day in 2010 I decided to try CrossFit. Guess what? It had to be my decision. That is what it takes. You have to decide to make the change for yourself, no one else can make it for you. I was soon hooked on the new challenge I had given myself. Now I am in better shape then ever in my life and continue to seek new challenges in the gym. Striving to become a better CrossFit athlete helps keep me motivated and continue to love training.  

Coaching Background:

  • CrossFit Trainer since 2012

My husband Jim was my biggest inspiration for becoming a coach. Watching him train people to reach goals that they never thought they could achieve was fulfilling even though I was not doing the coaching. I constantly listened to Jim train and coach and soon felt that coaching was turning into a passion of mine too. In 2012 I got my CrossFit Level 1 Certificate and started coaching at our gym. Nothing is better then helping someone beat a personal record or learn to do something they never thought they could do.

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