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17 thoughts on “Membership & Class Options

  1. Hi my name is SSG Kelly Reagin, I’m currently stationed in Iraq but will be coming back to Ft Sill in a couple of months. I’ve been playing around with the crossfit concept for a couple of months. I like the idea of sprints, power lifting, gymnatstics and olympic lifts wraped up in one system. Anyways I’m glad there is a crossfit gym now open in Lawton, and I’m looking forward to training with ya’ll once I get back.

    SSG Kelly R. Reagin
    duty then is the most sublimest word in our entire language
    Robert E. Lee

  2. Alright Jim, Cross-Pacific WOD Challenge.
    I have been waiting until I really made some progress so here it is:
    Daniel as RX’d
    (plays to your strengths on Thrusters/PUs – plays to my strengths on running)

    • You can come in anytime we are open. Check out a class if you like 4:30pm, 5:30pm or 6:30pm. And yes we have some bad ass shirts.

  3. Hey my husband and I are moving back and are interested in your gym. I’ve never done crossfit but my husband did while he was deployed. I am wanting something to honestly kick my butt…just had baby number 2 and its time to get in shape! What are family rates? Also is there child care available by any chance? We will be back in Lawton right after Christmas. Thanks for any info!! 🙂

    • We have 20% off for couples. We have a kids area but no child care. When you guys get here you should come in a check us out. First class is always free!

  4. hey guys!
    I will be in Elgin for 4th of July wknd and am training for a marathon so I am trying to stay on track w/ my training. Currently I am CFing 3 days a week and running 2. How far are from Elgin? My bro is based @ Sill and I will only need to drop in on Friday the 5th.

    Kate “Oatie” Oatman

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