Repeating Open workouts and being inspired.


Needed a metcon. Something that would make me breath hard and kind of hate CrossFit for a little while. I think it is very healthy to hate CrossFit sometimes. I mean if you don’t wonder why you are putting yourself through the pain you are feeling during a workout then your just not doing this stuff right.

Repeated Open Workout 14.1. : 10 min AMRAP: 30 Double Unders and 15 Power Snatches @ 55 lbs

Last year I got a score of 195 which was 4 rounds + 15 D.U. and this year I got 226 which is 5 rounds + 1 D.U.

This is something I really like about the open. I can look back at my scores from last year on the CrossFit Games website and see if I have improved. Being able to maintain my current level of fitness in a years time or seeing an increase in fitness is a very motivating thing. And it helps to validate all the work I have done in the gym over the past year.


Had to take a rest day. Kind of slept all morning to avoid doing anything at the gym. It is hard to rest when you are surrounded by exercise equipment.

Something super cool happened in the afternoon. Two awesome girls who come to the gym really inspired me and pushed me to make a goal. First I watched Hannah try a max set of strict pull ups pretty much for the first time ever and get 9 total reps! Then Melissa got 12 in a row, crushing her old PR!

I was like man…..I want to get 15 soooo bad. They both were like you can do it. So here went nothing and I got to 13 pretty good. Then 14 I barely got up but did. Man I wanted to let go of the bar and I really didn’t think I was going to get another rep but I pulled as hard as I could and got my chin over. When I came off the bar I felt like I was going to die. Man this really took a lot out of me and I thought my hands and arms were going to fall off.

Those two girls really inspired me and helped push me to get my goal. THANKS!!


We did this cool Partner workout with about 30 people from the gym. It was hard but a lot of fun and my partners were awesome. I was with Jim, Eric and Lisa.

We had to complete: 100 Overhead Lunges- drop bar do 10 pull ups, 100 Power cleans- drop bar do 10 push ups, 100 Thrusters- drop bar do 10 box jumps (break up reps between all partners but one person works at a time)

I think it took us 17 minutes and something and man thrusters and box jumps are a deadly combination.

Can’t wait to see what this week will bring.




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