GRID athletes.

This past weekend I got to go to Miami and watch people try out to become professional athletes in the new sport GRID. I have never been a fan of watching sports. Probably because I don’t play any and can’t really relate to them. But GRID is different. It is like watching the CrossFit Games but way more exciting.

I really think GRID is going to take over the functional fitness world and this is why. Lets say you want to make it to the CrossFit Games. Okay you train ALL YEAR long and hope that what you have done is enough. You do the CrossFit Open. Hope you make top 20 in your region. Then you go to the Regional competition where you compete against your top 20 and another top 20 from another region and then hope you are good enough to place in the top 5 in a one weekend of competition. If you do then you get to go to the games and compete in a 4-5 day competition. So you train all year for maybe one weekend of competition. For what… bragging rights?

Enter GRID. This is a season long sport filled with training and match after match. You get to work hard to prefect the skills you are really good at and then showcase them in a two hour match against another team. The difference between the Games and GRID is that you can be a specialist in something. Those athletes that have overall strengthens in many areas will be the ones seen more in matches and I think more valuable to the teams. I think this sport is going to keep growing with more and more teams being added every year and soon take over the functional fitness world.

Anyways on to the weekend. I intended on going to watch a hopeful athlete that I know but he decided that GRID is not something he wants to do right now. Good choice? That is up for debate.

Because I have a passion for watching people who love what they do and those who attempt to challenge themselves I decided to still go to Miami. It was really incredible to watch these people showcase themselves. I saw CrossFit Games athletes like Orlando Trejo and lesser known athletes like Brooke Wells and Monique Williams. These people were awesome and completely inspiring. They were giving it all they got for a change to become a professional athlete in a sport they love.

It was so cool to watch:

This is Brooke Wells. Someone I discovered over the weekend. Really impressive athlete. So I decided to look her up on the CrossFit Games site. She is 7th in her region right now and 35th in the world! So awesome. This is her hitting a 180 lb snatch. Oh did I mention she is only 19 years old!

Another super impressive athlete was Monique Williams. I remember watching her last year at the FN Thunderdome. She was so good and I remember her getting just crushed by the rowing workout. I think she has got so much better over the year. She was at Wodapalooza and now trying out for the GRID. This is her cleaning 200 lbs. She is making this look like 100 lbs.

There were so many awesome things to see over the weekend. And just watching these people leave their hearts on the floor at a shot at making something they love a career and not just a dream was incredibly inspiring and made you realize its all worth it. Hard work does pay off. You may not be the next GRID or CrossFit Games athlete but if you know you gave it all you got, you can achieve great success in your training and have no regrets.


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