Nutrition Challenge Starting August 28th

Nutrition Challenge Starts Sunday August 28th at 10:00 a.m.!
Be ready to listen, ask questions, and workout! Cost is $20.
*If you can not make it on Sunday there will be a make up day, Tuesday August 30th @ 7 p.m.*
If you plan to participate now is a good time to start doing your HOMEWORK!
If the Zone worked for you last challenge, the please feel free to go for it again and use Natasha as your resource for questions.
This go around I (Tracy) will focus on the Whole30 Challenge and provide you all the resources to help you successfully reach your goals through these  30 days.
In either case your HOMEWORK this week will be to research plenty of recipes, a good place to start is to type in your favorite meals followed by paleo. On Sunday we will discuss the specifics of the Whole30, but this will be a great place to start so you’re not completely lost on day 1. Please use members at the gym and your coaches as resources to help you too! Here’s some helpful links too!
Remember, there is a reason this is called a CHALLENGE. Please be mentally ready, in order for these challenges to work you need to be committed 100% of the time. It’s only 30 days, you deserve this, you can stay committed, it really can be easy.
Second task for you HOMEWORK is to write down the reason(s) why you are participating in this challenge, post it on your refrigerator or bathroom mirror (somewhere you see everyday) to remind you not to give up on yourself. Science has proven that if you write something down it is more likely to happen.
Whole30 Program Overview and Guidelines:
Helpful Tips:

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