In teams of 2:

Take 10 minutes to establish a 3 Rep front squat from the floor (add the weights together)

@ the 10 minute mark take 12 Minutes to do as many rounds as possible of:

30 Step ups

30 Partner ball slams

30 KB Swings

@ the 22 minute mark take 5 minutes to establish a 5 rep front squat from the floor

Partner WOD Thursday November 26th

Warm up: 200 meter run / 100′ high skip / 100′ side shuffle / 100′ butt kickers

One class today. 9:30 Be there.

“Earn your Turkey”

Partners of 2 or 3

For Time:

200 Meter run

20 Thrusters

200 Meter run

40 Wollymockers

200 Meter run

60 Deadlifts

200 Meter run

80 Burpees

200 Meter run

100 Sit ups

200 Meter run

(You and your partner can choose the weight you use and how you want to break up the reps)

*You gotta run together. Don’t even try starting the next stuff until the slow guy is in the gym.