Gymnastics Club September 6th / 8th

Time to sign up for this months Gymnastics Club! Sign up Tuesday at 6:00 p.m.

$40 for All Access Members and $60 for Non-Members or Open Gym Members.

Tuesday September 6th:

  • Warm Up:

2 rounds:
10 hang to active
50 Hollow Rocks
1 min plank

  • Skill Strength:

Box Muscle Transition work

  • Workout:

“Chelsea” modified

EMOM for 30min:
2 Pull ups
5 push ups
10 air squats

If you’re feeling great try “Chelsea” RX

EMOM for 30 min
5 Pull ups
10 Push ups
15 air squats

Thursday September 8th:

  • Warm Up:

2 rounds
10 Ring Rows
5 dips

  • Skill Strength:

Muscle up work on low rings
Transition to high rings

  • Workout:

5 rounds
7-Muscle Ups (jumping if you don’t have MUs yet)
21 Burpees (measure 8 inch target)

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