Gymnastics October 25th and 27th

Tuesday October 25th:

  • warm up:
    row 500 meters
    2 rounds
    20 – Leg/Arm raises while in plank: opposite arm/opposite leg
    5 – strict toes to bar
  • Skill/Strength:
    Bar MU techniques and scaling options
    EMOM 12 min
    1-3 Bar MUs
  • Workout:
    16 min to complete 5 rounds

    20 Rear Overhead Throw with Medicine Ball
    20 windshield wipers
    20 Pull Ups

Thursday October 27th:

  • Warm Up:
    run 300 meters
    20 Bicycle abs
    20 horizontal scissor kicks
  • Skill/Strength:

    Butterfly Pull Up practice
    5×3 Pull Up Negatives
    3x:30 Ring L-sit hold
    Ring MU attempts/practice

  • Workout:
    10 min AMRAP

    8 – Leg lifts w/weight
    5 – Ball up to straight on rings
    5 – Pike ups on rower

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