WOD Monday October 23rd

Hey, come to the gym on Saturday. Wear a costume and workout with some one. Partner WOD at 10 am. Let’s get it.

Warm up: 100′ High skip / 100′ side shuffle / 50′ Bear crawl / 100′ Butt kickers / 10 GHR / 10 GHSU

  1. Back Squat: 5 x 3 @ 85%

2. 10 rounds for time of:

15 / 12 calorie row

1 snatch (choose own weight) One attempt at each snatch per round.

Score is total snatch weight divided by time.

Example: If you snatch 150 lbs for the workout and you miss 2 times, your total weight lifted will be 150 lbs x 8 = 1200 lbs. If the workout takes you 550 seconds (9 minutes and 10 seconds) you divide 1200 by 550 and get a score of 2.18. The higher the final number the better.

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