Gymnastics Class 12-5 and 12-7

Tuesday 12-5-17

Warm Up: 2 rounds

10 Push Ups
10 empty bar strict press
10 GHD Sit Ups
Skill: HS Work

4 sets of…(feet on box)

1 HSPU, 1 Shoulder Tap (each side), 1 incline push up

2 HSPUs, 2 Shoulder Taps, 2 incline Push ups

3 HSPUs, 3 Shoulder Taps, 3 incline push ups

Rest as needed to complete 4 sets.
Workout: EMOM 15 min

10 Front Rack Lunges
Sprint 100m
6 Reverse Ball Throws

All Week Homework:
3×25 GHD Sit Ups
3×15 s – back extensions
3xME ring to sternum rows
5×5 Low Ring MU transition
3×8 ring dips
Bar MU practice – start moving the box further away and use a shorter box as you get more comfortable.
6×5 strict HSPU
Every 30 sec try 5 unbroken T2B until you can’t complete them unbroken
5 HS forward rolls
10 min work on HS walking

Thursday 12-7-17

Warm Up: 2 rounds

1 min HS Hold

5 Pull up negatives
Skill: C2B
Every 30 sec for 8 min
2-3 C2B (focus on vertical upright positioning at top)


AMRAP: Complete as many in 1 min of each, Repeat 3 times
Ring Push Ups
Ab Roll Outs
Wall Balls

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