Gymnastics Class 1/30 and 2/1

Tuesday: 1-30-18
Warm Up:
15 side leg swings (each leg)
15 front to back leg swings (each side)
Hurdle stretch
Back Stretch

Hand Stands

Work on free handstands, tight hollow position. Utilize wall if needed.
3 rounds
10 Rower pikes
2 around the world – on box (1 each direction)
8 Shoulder Taps
10 side HS walks against wall (5 each direction)


6 Shoulder ring complex
12 V-ups
10 Cals on Bike
20 Jumping squats with empty barbell

Warm Up:
2 rounds
20 PVC Pass throughs
10 perfect push ups
20 knees to chest abs

Bar Work

Back Hip Circle skill and practice
Maybe front hip circle???

EMOM 12 min

1 strict pull up
2 kipping pull ups
2 chest to bar pull ups

15 min AMRAP

20 OH Stationary Lunges
15 GHD Sit ups
10 Pull Ups

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