Gymnastics 3/20 and 3/22

Tuesday – 3-20-18

Warm up: 2 rounds
:30 headstand (start in tripod)

10 push ups

50ft super long reach lunges

Skill: OH Stability and Core

5 rounds
50 ft OH walk with barbell and KBs

15 GHD sit ups

work up to heavy 3 rep  strict press

As many unbroken sets of HSPUs in 5 min
Thursday – 3-22-18

Warm up: 2 rounds
:30 GHD Shoulder stretch
20 PVC pass throughs

300m run

Skill: Ring MUs
15 Hip drive transitions
10 low ring transitions
10 High ring transitions
Try banded transitions
5 Good big kips

EMOM for 20 min
4 weighted pistols
6 push ups
8 jumping squat w/ KB

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