WOD Monday December 1st

Today is the 1st. Rent is due. Thanks!

Warm up # 1

1. Overhead Squat: 1 rep max!!!

2. “The Heaviest Grace that you’ve got”

30 Clean and jerks at the heaviest load that you can manage.

Couple of guidlines:

1. Floor to shoulders to overhead – any method is allowed. (full or power clean, push or split jerk)

2. If you go faster than 5 minutes… you punked out on your weight selection

3. If it takes you longer than 25 minutes… good on ya for giving it a go, but you were a little too overzealous / unrealistic with your abilities right now.

4. Make sure you actually do 30. Use a white board and erase as you go if needed.

5. Misses take longer than rest. Don’t pick up the bar unless you are planning on successfully completing the rep.




2 thoughts on “WOD Monday December 1st

  1. 1. 1 rep max snatch from the blocks just below the knee – 145,165,185,205, 225, 235 (f) x 6
    2. 1 rep max clean from the blocks- 225, 245. 265, 275, 285(f)x3
    3. 3 x 3 snatch @ 185
    4. 3 x 4 front squats – 225. 275. 305, 345 x 2
    5. 4 x 10 ring dips

    emom x 10
    10 burpees
    10 wallballs

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