Presses, Squats and a Whole Lotta Double Unders

So finding the time to write these blogs may be harder than expected. Might be only a twice a week thing. We shall have to wait and see.

So a few things. I have been steadily increasing the weights I use and the speed at which I am able to do workouts. I feel that a lot of this has to do with dedicating more time to my training and also the AdvoCare I have been taking.

This is what I take:

Morning: 3 fish oil pills and 3 Joint Promotion pills

30 Min to an hour before I work out: O2 Gold and Mass Impact

While I workout: Arginine Extreme and Rehydrate

After workout: Post Workout Recovery

Nighttime: 3 fish oil pills, 3 Joint Promption pills and Nighttime Recovery

I am a firm believer in AdvoCare now. It has helped me breath through workouts. I used to always just feel like I was going to die during a workout. Now I can keep moving through them without that feeling. I am also not as sore and seem to be recovering quicker so I can continue to workout and don’t have to take as many rest days. Its pretty cool if you ask me.

So this weeks training has been pretty good.

Monday looked like this:

1. Bench Press: 5 x 3 @ 105 lbs (92% my 1RM)

2. Push Press: 10 @ 85 lbs, 10 @ 95 lbs, 10 @ 100 lbs – tried to do these unbroken and going strait into the next rep

3. Jerks: 5 @ 105 lbs, 5 @ 115 lbs, 5 @ 125 lbs

4. Front Squat: 5 x 2 @ 150 lbs (96% my 1RM)

5. 4 Rounds for time: (14:08)

15 Power Wallballs @ 14 lbs, 10 Hang Power Cleans @ 83 lbs, 5 Wollymokers

I felt pretty crappy on the Wollymokers after all that pressing but gotta do what you gotta do.


1. Clean Complex: 1 Power Clean + 1 Hang Squat Clean, got up to 140 lbs, power cleaned 145 twice but then missed the squat clean. You win some you loose some. Just trying to lift heavy weight more often.

2. Muscle ups: Did 5, Shoulders a little sore from yesterday. Did 3 and then 2.

3. For Time: (6:34)

500 Meter Row, 50 Kettlebell Swings @ 53 lbs, 50 Sit ups

I have not rowed in a while due to my hip hating it but wasn’t too bad. Had to focus on keeping my knees more in and then not reaching in too far. The swings is what really killed me. Did like 20 and then who knows after that. I did the sit ups unbroken.


1. For Time: (31:44)

200 Double unders, 50 Pullups, 150 Double unders, 40 Box jumps @ 20″, 100 Double unders, 30 Wallballs @ 14 lbs, 50 Double unders, 20 Burpee broad jumps @ 4′, 25 Double unders, 10 Wallclimbs

I PR’d my doubles with a set of 59 on the first set. So there is a win. Those burpees were killing me. Which sucks cause I used to think me and burpees were good friends.

2. Back squat: 6 x 2 @ 165 lbs (103% my 1RM, guess a PR is coming soon!!!)

squats SONY DSC

Pictures from last Wednesday’s workout. Man those HSPU were a struggle and the front squats kicked my butt.

Video from this Tuesday’s workout. Wish I could do KB swings and Sit ups this fast. Video at 2 x regular speed.




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