Embracing the Kipping HSPU and getting ready for competition.

So this week is leading up to a competition in town called ‘Battle of the Boxes’.

Its a pretty cool idea and about 5 of the gyms in the area will competing for the most points for their gym and hopefully win the tile of the fittest gym.

So I have not done a competition in a while and am pretty nervous. So I have been kind of conservative with my training and tapering off cause I don’t want to get hurt or be really sore before it.

So on Sunday:

Front Squat: 5 x 2 @ 155 lbs (100% my max)


1. Bench Press: 5 x 2 @ 110 lbs (97% my max)

2. Push Press: 2’s up to 135 lbs (current max), missed 140 twice

Max reps @ 105 lbs = 11

3. For Time: (7:52) 40 Kipping HSPU, 40 Burpees

So you may know that my husband is not the biggest fan of kipping HSPU. And part of me is really glad about that because I never tried to do the movement until I was strong enough to do multiple strict HSPU in a row(max is 11 I think…). So now I have embraced the kipping HSPU in some circumstances. So like Monday 40 HSPU in a row is a lot for me and after doing all the presses my shoulders were already done. So I made a plan to start with a max set of strict and then move to kipping. It was kind of funny. 3,2,1 GO: max strict- 3. Moved to kipping did 10, then was doing 3’s the rest of the way. So the kipping helped but I am still not supper efficient. Just another skill to work on.


1. 2 rep max touch & go Clean & Jerk: (this is an event for this coming Saturday) Got up to 140 lbs. The first time I tried this I did 2 Power Cleans and this time I did 1 Power Clean then 1 Squat clean. It really made a difference and made me feel a little more confident for this weekend.

2. 3 Rounds for Time: (6:09)

2 of 1 Muscle up + 2 Dips

10 Power Snatch @ 63 lbs (unbroken)

So this is the weight I have to use this weekend for the snatch portion and I felt pretty good about doing all 3 sets unbroken.

I have made a decision to sign up for as many CrossFit competitions as I can this year. This is the first time in my CrossFit life that I have not been hurt and been feeling pretty good about myself in the gym and I want to take advantage before I break another finger or hurt my hip again.

It all begins this Saturday and I am so excited to be doing this competition with so many awesome people at the gym.

Good luck to my Team Havoc: Jim, Randall, Dustin, Ani, Melissa and myself. I aspire to be like Ani and Melissa at so many things in the gym and I really feel honored to be able to be on a team with these girls. Husband, Randall and Dustin…I hope I don’t hold anyone back…these guys crush workouts on the regular.

And to the kick ass individual competitors we have: Joe, Austin, Eric, Henry, Jamie, Nina, Hannah, Brooke. Its time to ‘Pump up the Beast’ and ‘Wreak Havoc’.

I am so happy to have everyone of these guys represent Havoc! Lets bring home the win!




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