So competition makes me really really nervous. I was suppose to squat heavy on Wednesday and I just decided to rest. I was so scared that I would hurt something and then just let my whole team down on Saturday.

I didn’t work out Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. And then Friday night I tried  to go to sleep and couldn’t. I would close my eyes and when I opened them another hour would have passed me by. Hour after hour no sleep. I think I slept for a total of 1 hour max.

So we started off Saturday at 8 a.m. with the first Team WOD.

4 Rounds for Time:
4 people participate (2M, 2W) – (Me, Melissa, Jim and Randall)
• 21 Burpees over bar
• 15 Thrusters, 95/65
• 12 Box Jumps 32”/24”
• 9 Hang Squat Cleans 95/65
1 person can go at a time and must complete 1 round before the next teammate can begin. The order of completion by athletes is up to that team. A tag in will be required for athletes to complete work. Time cap: 16 min

I finished my round of the workout in 3 minutes which was faster then when we practiced in the gym. CrossFit Lena finished first and we finished second. I was yelling for Jim to go go go cause CrossFit Bradenton was right on our heels. We finished the workout at 12:12 only 2 seconds in front of Bradenton.

Then we had some rest until 9:55 a.m. So we got to watch other people from our gym do WOD 1 or 2. It was so awesome watching everyone and seeing how great they were doing. There was a lot of times through the day where two athletes were so close and cheering for them to finish was so exciting.

So 9:55 a.m. WOD 2.

4 people (2 competitors that didn’t compete in first WOD must compete in second) (Me, Jim, Ani, Dustin)
(Touch and Go; Bar starts on the floor) in 6 Min
2 Guys share one bar
2 Girls share one bar
Score equals total Weight

(1 Min Rest)

Max Hand Release Push Ups in 3 Min – Same 4 teammates (2M, 2F) –

Partners must hold a plank while teammate does reps
Score equals total pushups completed

I got 135 lbs which was what I was hoping for so that was good. I tried for 140 lbs but missed the second jerk. I felt no real power in my legs after the first quad burner of a workout. On to the hand release pushups and plank. Man that was so hard. I sucked it up and my whole body was shaking and I think I was the only person you could hear breathing.

We tied with Lena on the clean and jerks with a team total of 810 lbs and we came in second behind CrossFit Manatee with 116 push ups.

Then I really got to rest and waited to do the final workout at 3:20 ish. So I had time to cheer everyone on and eat some much needed lunch. I have to tell you that Advocare really saved me throughout the day. I drank Arginine and Rehydrate before every workout and recovered with FitAid. Without these things I think I would have just died from lack of sleep.

So our team did WOD 3 at like 1 something.

If you’ve only competed in 1 WOD, you must be competing in the 3rd WOD

2 men and 2 women (Ani, Melissa, Dustin, Randall)
AMRAP: 15 Min
• 60 Double-Unders
• 40 Deadlifts (total), 225/135
• 20 Pull-up to T2B combo (1 Pull-up + 1 Toes to Bar = 1 rep)

3,2,1 go…guys complete 60 double-unders, then complete 40 DL, then move to PU/T2B combo, One person works at a time until reps are completed. After PU/T2B combo, they tag girls and girls complete a round in the same fashion. Continue to alternate rds until time runs out.

These guys CRUSHED this. We came in first in this workout and it was so fun to watch. We scored 600 total points.

Then for the final WOD.

WOD 4 – FINALE: All Teammates will compete in last WOD

For Time

A. 3 individuals run 1 mile. One member (male or female) must wear a 20lb vest. All three teammates running must finish before team can begin part B. (Randall, Ani, Melissa)
B. 2 individuals complete: 60 snatches 115/65 (Me and Jim)
C. 1 individual completes: 60 wall balls 20/14 (Dustin)
20min Time Cap

We came in third on this 7 seconds behind CrossFit Bradenton. It was a race and pretty fun.

When all was said and done we finished 1st overall with a total of 90 points. We had podium finishes in all categories and kind of swept the competition.

RX Male: 1st- Henry, 3rd- Eric

RX Female: 1st- Brooke, 4th- Hannah

Scaled Male: 1st- Joe, 2nd- Austin

Scaled Female: 1st- Jamie, 4th- Nina

Overall winners: CrossFit Havoc.

What a great day.




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