WOD Wednesday March 2nd

This weeks Open Announcement! We will be at the gym Thursday at 8 p.m. watching it live! And lets do the workout this Friday at the 7 p.m. Class!!!

This Saturday! “Eat Right and Look Good Naked” Challenge ends! See you this Saturday at 10 a.m. We will re-test the workout and get all weights and measurements. Winners will be announced Monday March 7th!

Warm up: 30 sec Handstand hold, 10 Jumping lunges,  30 Sec Back extension hold, 10 Jumping lunges

  1. Every minute on the minute for 10 minutes:

2 Push Press + 1 Jerk @ 75-80 % your max push press

2. For Time:

20 Strict Press

20 Strict Pull ups

15 Push Press

15 Chest-to-bar Pull ups

10 Push Jerk

10 Bar Muscle ups

5 Split Jerk

5 Rope Climbs

*Pick a starting weight for your barbell and increase weight each barbell movement.*



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