WOD Tuesday June 7th

  • Events coming up:
  • Saturday June 11th: Head over to CrossFit Lakewood Ranch to watch many of your Havoc Crew compete at the Double Dare competition!
  • Saturday and Sunday June 18-19th: USAW Sports Performance Coach Course with Danny Camargo. (the gym will be closed this weekend to host this event.)

Warm up: Handstand or plank hold x 1 minute / Ball slam + air ball x 20 / 20 back extensions

  1. Push press + Jerk: 5 x 4 @ 80% (end each set of push presses with 1 jerk)

2. For time:

155 lb Power snatch x 2

155 lb Overhead squat x 4

135 lb Power snatch x 4

135 lb Overhead squat x 6

115 lb Power snatch x 6

115 lb Overhead squat x 8

95 lb Power snatch x 8

95 lb Overhead squat x 10

*use the right weights


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