Gymnastics October 11th and 13th

Tuesday October 11th:
  • Warm Up:
    500m Row
    20 shoulder taps
    50 hollow rock
    50 supermans
  • Skill/Strength
    Discuss skills needed for Bar MU’s – Chin over bar to Chest to bar form.
    Box MU transitions

    EMOM 10 min
    1 strict
    3 kipping pull ups
    2 C2B

  • Workout
    AMRAP 10min

Thursday October 13th:

  • Warm Up:
    50 hollow rocks
    50 supermans
  • Skill/strength
    5×3 Low Bar Butterfly Practice
    Try Butterfly Pull ups linked
    EMOM 12 min
    Odd: 5- False Grip Ring Rows
    Even: 5 – Ring Dips
  • Workout
    3 Rounds
    10 Pull ups
    10 KB Swings 1 or 1.5 food
    5 EROM ring push ups

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