WOD Monday October 31st

The Havoc Games Competition is December 3rd! Get a partner and get signed up! Early registration ends October 31st! Click Poster to register!


Warm up: 500 meter row / 10 Glute ham raise / 10 Glute ham sit ups / 5 Glute ham raise / 5 Glute ham sit ups

” The CrossFit Total”

3 Official attempts at a 1 rep max on:

  1. Back squat

2. Press

3. Deadlift

  1. Yes, you have to go in that order

2. You have to squat BELOW parallel even though you are going heavy. Prepare to be judged.

3. If you dip on your press, it’s not a press.

4. If you drop your deadlift at the top, you just wasted that effort.

5. No you cannot wear straps on the deadlift.

6. If you get to the gym early, you better be warming up before class “officially starts” especially if you know you take a long time to get your gear ready to move.

7. If you are trying to pr today, come to the gym with a mindset that is conducive to that effect.



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