Gymnastics February 27th and March 1st

This weeks focus is Ring Dips and Bar Muscle ups! Come join on Monday or Wednesday at 6 pm.!

Monday February 27th:

  • Warm up:
Run 200m
1:00 plank
shoulder band stretches
  • Skill:
Ring Dips

Box swings into dips practice
2:00 bottom of the dip hold
EMOM for 6min
12 hand release push ups
  • Workout:
4 Rounds:
50′ OH Walking Lunge w/axle bar
6 core slide outs
  • Homework:
3×5 Strict Pull up with pvc and band
6 attempts at linking butterfly pull ups
10 MU transitions on low rings

Wednesday March 1st:

  • Warm up:
2 rounds
10 hang to active
20 pass throughs with PVC
2xME Static Pull up hold
  • Skill:
Bar MU
Technique Overview
PVC and band drill – Pull up first then MU.
Every 2:00 for 10:00

2 Bar MUs

50 C2B *Try for large but strategic sets, stay behind failure, and rest when youre supposed too not when you need to.
  • Homework:
Every :30 for 5min – 6 HSPUs (any way that challenges you)
4×57 Ring Dips
3×10 strict press with dumbbells

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