Gymnastics May 22nd and 25th

Monday May 22nd:

Warm Up:
2 rounds
200m run
1 min HS hold
10 GHD sit ups

HS and L sit Drills
5×6 Wall facing rotating HS drill
5×2 Med ball to HS drill
8×1 parallelette L-sit plank drill

10 Rounds for time
5 Pull Ups
5 T2B

All Week Homework:
3×20 GHD Sit Ups
5×5 Ring Strict Pull Ups – try to pull to sternum
5×5 Low Ring MU transition
Ring MU practice – Stay patient, it’s all timing – start with MU transitions practiced in class.
8×2 – Wall facing strict HSPU
10×4 HS wall rotation
10 min work on HS walking

Thursday May 25th:

Warm Up:
2 rounds
Run 200m
10 GHD Sit Ups
10 hang to active

Skill: Ring MUs
3×3 ground up MU transition drill
3×3 hanging MU transition drill (land on feet) can try higher and not land on feet
5×1 MU practice – w/band

AMRAP 20 min
5 Ring Dips
50’ DB OH Walking lunge
10 GHD Sit Ups

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