WOD Friday November 29th

1. Havocomplex-clean (clean, front squat, jerk,jerk): 20 minutes to find max load

2. 4 rounds for time of:

15 Toes to bar

5 Hang power cleans @ 155


Published by CrossFit Havoc Palmetto, Ellenton, Parrish

Owner of CrossFit Havoc in Palmetto, Florida

2 thoughts on “WOD Friday November 29th

  1. 1. up to 131 kg
    2. 5 bar muscle ups 10 toes to bar 5 clean & jerks @ 135
    4 bar muscle ups 10 toes to bar 4 clean & jerks @ 155
    3 bar muscle ups 10 toes to bar 3 clean & jerks @ 175
    2 bar muscle ups 10 toes to bar 2 clean & jerks @ 195
    1 bar muscle up 10 toes to bar 1 clean & jerk @ 215

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