Partner WOD Saturday January 24th

Don’t forget the Partner WOD is today at 12 p.m.

We will be at the gym at 10 a.m. to start setting up. There is no Open Gym today.

Also after the workout we will be eating at El Sombreros about a mile from the gym.

3 Person teams.
3 Girls or 3 Guys.

Come to the gym and then Partner up when you get there!


Clean Speed Ladder:
Between 8 and 10 bars set up all increasing in weight.
3 minutes for all team mates to total as much weight as possible.
1 Team mate goes at a time. Next team mate begins when previous team mate lifts their last weight possible.
(cleans can be power or squat clean)

4 Rounds for time:
(split reps as you like within your team)
30 Wallballs
30 Sit ups into Press with Med Ball
30 Burpee Box Jump Overs
30 Lunges with Med Ball Overhead hold


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