WOD Friday July 17th

Warm up of your choice

1. Power clean: 1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1 @ 90%

2. 3 rounds for time of:

20 Hang power snatches @ 75 / 53 lbs

10 or more burpees

If you decide to put your bar down during the snatches. You can go ahead and tack 2 burpees per drop on to your sets of ten burpees. ( Example: If you put your bar down 3 times in your first set then you do 16 burpees instead of 10)


Repost from a while back.  

Every once in a while we need to remind ourselves what we do this for.

You guys ever wonder how you “find time” to workout, while your co-workers can’t. You ever think about how you deal with the pain and discomfort of high intensity exercise multiple times a week while others are content sitting on the couch trying to find a spot in their super busy schedules to even think about moving their asses?

There are things I can not find time in my schedule for. I can’t find time in my schedule to play Halo 13, or Death Killer Psycho Bomber games. I can’t find time to Update my facebook status every 7 minutes. I can’t find time to twit where I am eating lunch on twitter.  I can’t find time to get drunk and high and waste the entire following day recovering. My priorities are set. They always will be set on lifting heavy shit as many times as my body will let me. My priorities are set on pushing myself to find how much pain I can tolerate and keep going. I can always find time to do what is important to me. I can always squeeze some sweat into my day.

There are things that you prioritize and value in your life; things that are important to you. Some of you have found new things to care about through the joy and agony of being physical with your body. Some of you may have found new ways to be physical with your bodies through CrossFit. You may now care about how much weight you can put over your head, versus how “toned” your core is. You may care more now about how fast you can complete the workout of the day versus what television show you got to watch on the Cardio theatre in the local Planet, LA, 24hr,  Globo Fitness center.

Whatever your priorities are, whether it is leveling up your troll sword power level or finding the best deal on a new Coach bag,  just know that YOU MAKE the time for your priorities. If you care about not feeling like a slob, if you care about being around for your kids in 20 years, if you care about keeping both of your feet by not letting yourself get diabetes, then you will prioritize your own fitness. You will find the time, and you will be happy that you did.

Just know that someone who is busier than you and everyone you know will always find the time to exercise.


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