WOD Tuesday March 29th

Get Ready for The Havoc Games “Gym Olympics” !!! April 9th! 12 pm! 

Warm up: 30 sec handstand hold, 10 tuck jumps, 30 sec handstand hold

  1. Find a max: Push Press

2. 2 Rounds for time:

20 Burpee box jumps

15 Handstand push ups

40 Ball slams

30 Clapping push ups

Gymnastics Club Class:

Warm up: Standard + 3 Rounds of:

5 Ring Rows

5 Push ups

10 Sit ups

10 Squats

Skill/ Strength:

  1. Pistol work
  2. 5×5 pike ups on rower
  3. 5×3 pull up negatives


10 Min AMRAP:

6 Pistol

4 Strict Pull up

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