WOD Tuesday November 22nd

Yo, The gym is open for 9 am only on Thursday, and Afternoon classes only on Friday.

The Havoc Games Competition is December 3rd! Get a partner and get signed up! Registration ends November 24th! Click Poster to register!


Warm up: 2 minutes of jump rope / Empty bar work for 5 minutes

Every minute on the minute for 36 minutes:

16 minutes:

Odds: Box jumps – Between 5 and 15 reps

Evens: Power snatch x 1

  • 4 minute transition, start part 2 at the 20 minute mark

16 minutes:

Odds: Wallballs between 5 and 15 reps ( pick a number and stick to it)

Evens: Power clean and jerk x 1

*Try and increase the loads from last weeks attempts. This is the last week we are doing this. Don’t punk out.



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