WOD Wednesday March 24th

Hey, We will be having our open announcement workout this Thursday night @ 6:30. See you there! Warm up: 2 minutes on a thing / Dynamic mobility For time: 20 Wallballs 40 Double unders 18 Wallballs 40 Pushups 16 Wallballs 40 Sit ups 14 Wallballs 30 Double unders 12 Wallballs 30 Pushusps 10 Wallballs 30Continue reading “WOD Wednesday March 24th”

WOD Monday March 15th

*Hey! Words Strongest Manatee is this Saturday! Come out and meet the World Record Bench Press Holder Julius Maddox and watch some exciting competition! *We have another Friday Night Lights event this Friday! Bring a dish to share and be ready to throw down after our next matchup! Warm up: 2 minutes on a thingContinue reading “WOD Monday March 15th”

WOD Thursday February 25th

Warm up: 100′ high skip / 100′ back pedal / 100′ karaoke / 100′ side shuffle For time: Run 400 meters with something * Sand bag, med ball, kettlebell, plate, yoke,  small person, etc. Run 400 meters 2. For time: 50 Wallballs 50 Reverse Burpees *Every minute including the first one, stop and do betweenContinue reading “WOD Thursday February 25th”

WOD Monday January 4th

Warm up: 2 minutes on a thing / 10 Kang squats / 15 GHD sit ups Back squat: 3 x 5 @ 80% 2. Every minute on the minute for 8 minutes: 6 Thrusters or Dumbbell thrusters 6 Box jump overs Directly into every minute on the minute for 4 minutes: 8 Wallballs + 8Continue reading “WOD Monday January 4th”

WOD Friday December 18th

Warm up: 400 meter run / 15 Seated good mornings / 10 Wallballs 1. Every minute complete the following reps: 1 Deadlift @ Heavy 2 Wallballs *Every minute you will increase the Wallballs by 2 reps until you can not complete the reps in that minute* So minute 1 is: 1 Deadlift + 2 Wallballs, minuteContinue reading “WOD Friday December 18th”

WOD Wednesday November 25th

Warm up:  400 Meter Run, Then: 2 Rounds of: 5 Behind the Neck Press, 5 Empty Bar Power Snatches, 5 Jumping Pull ups or Ring Rows For time: 20 Rounds of: 1 Power snatch 5 Wallballs 15 Rounds of: 1 Snatch ( Heavier) 4 Box jump overs 10 Rounds of: 1 Power clean and jerkContinue reading “WOD Wednesday November 25th”

WOD Wednesday November 18th

Warm up: 400 meter run / Dynamic mobility / Make someone smile Every minute on the minute for 10 minutes: 10 Wallballs + 10 Pullups Every minute on the minute for 10 minutes: 4 Burpees 40′ Sprint 4 Burpees 40′ Sprint Every minute on the minute for 10 minutes: 20 Double unders + 6 DumbbellContinue reading “WOD Wednesday November 18th”