WOD Wednesday December 7th

Why did we not post the workout of the day ahead of time on Monday or Tuesday? 

It was a sort of test and kind of eye-opening to see how many of you guys actually go to the website.

If you ever find yourself not coming to the gym after checking the workout I hope this made you realize it does not matter what is programmed. No movements or workouts should ever stop you from coming in that day. Any movement can be changed and any workout can be adjusted. 

The website is just like the white board! It can be edited or erased with the swipe of a finger!

See you at the gym!


  • End of year Clearance Sale! All tees and tanks 2 for $30!
  • Havoc Holiday Party is December, 17th @ 7pm @ The Denofa House!! Pot Luck Style! And also bring a gift under $20!

Warm up: 1000 Meter Row

  1. For Time: (Decrease weight as you go)


40 Deadlifts


40 Power Cleans


40 Power Snatches


40 Lunges w/ bar (20 each leg)


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