WOD Thursday February 21st

The CrossFit Open Starts Friday! 

Get Signed up!

Warm up: 10 PVC Pull Throughs, 1 minute in the bottom of a squat, 5 Behind the Neck Press, 5 Heaving Snatch Balance, 5 Overhead Squats

1. Every 90 seconds for 4 sets:

3 Position Snatch(Full Squat):

High Hang at Hips + Just Above Knees + Just Below Knees

*Same Weight the whole time, Not Heavy!*

2. Every minute for 14 minutes:

1 Snatch (Full Squat)

*Time to Increase Weight*

3. For Time:

50 Wallballs

25 Power Snatches (something you can touch-and-go, no more than 5 sets)

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