WOD Wednesday January 15th

Hey!!! I know you are probably reading this on Facebook right now since people don’t go to websites anymore, and you probably won’t look at the bottom of this post, or read the whole thing since there are so many meme’s to read, and peoples dinners to look at on Facebook (also known as: The internet part 2). But just so you know, we are doing rope climbs tomorrow as it says below. If you are planning on wearing your Nike frees, or any other foam bottom running shoes be prepared to ruin them. Please bring long socks and shoes that have a rubber bottom, you will be thankful when your shoes and shins are in one piece at the end of the day.

Warm up: Empty barbell work.

15 Rounds for time and load:

1 Rope climb

15 Double unders

1 snatch (choose own weight) One attempt at each snatch per round.

Score is total snatch weight divided by time.

Example: If you snatch 150 lbs for the workout and you miss 2 times, your total weight lifted will be 150 lbs x 13 = 1950lbs. If the workout takes you 1030 seconds (17 minutes and 10 seconds) you divide 1950 by 1030 and get a score of 1.89.

*The higher the number the better the score.

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