WOD Monday April 26th

The 20 rep CrossFit total:

Find you 20 rep max for these 3 movements:

Back squat

Strict press


The rules are as follows:

Squat: Every rep must dip below parallel ( below parallel means the crease in the hip dipping below the height of the patella) and end at full extension of the hips. You can stand for as long as you like with the bar on you’r back but racking the weight is termination of the set

Strict Press: Any bending of the hip or knee joints terminates the set. Every rep must make contact with the shoulders and end with lock out of both elbows at the top.

Deadlift: Hands must remain on the bar for the entire set! Any dropping of the bar is a termination of the set. Both sides of the plates must touch the ground, and full extension must be reached at the top of each rep. Any grip or stance may be used.

You may take up to 3 attempts at each weight, but I do not recommend it. Try to get your target weight on your first set after a thorough warm up. Your total is the combined weight of each successful set.

Example: 205 lb back squat + 85 lb press + 295 lb deadlift would give you a 585 total.

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