WOD Thursday March 10th

Warm up: Planks, sit ups, handstand work

1 . Handstand Walk Practice

2 . Max Reps Per Minute For 18 Minutes:

1st Minute: Hang Power Snatches @ 75/53

2nd Minute: Burpees over the bar

3rd Minute: Change weight/ Rest

4th Minute: Rest

5th Minute: Power Snatches @ 95/63

6th Minute: Calorie Bike

7th Minute: Change weight/ Rest

8th Minute: Rest

9th Minute: Power Snatches @ 115/ 83

10th Minute: Burpees over the bar

11th Minute: Change weight/ Rest

12th Minute: Rest

13th Minute: Snatches @ 135/ 93

14th Minute: Calorie Bike

15th Minute: Change weight/ Rest

16th Minute: Rest

17th Minute: Snatches @ 155/ 103

18th Minute: Burpees over the bar

Published by CrossFit Havoc Palmetto, Ellenton, Parrish

Owner of CrossFit Havoc in Palmetto, Florida

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