WOD Thursday December 15th


  • End of year Clearance Sale! All tees and tanks 2 for $30!
  • Havoc Holiday Party is this Saturday! December, 17th @ 7pm @ The Denofa House!! Pot Luck Style! And also bring a gift under $20.

Warm up: 400 Meter Run: Then 2 Rounds: 8 Empty bar cleans, 8 Sit ups, 8 push ups

  1. Every Two Minutes for 14 min:

2 Cleans (yes squat)

Strict Pull ups (pick a number and stick to it. Does not have to be unbroken)

2. 2017 Battle of the Boxes Individual WOD #3:
3 rounds for time: (12 min cap)
30 Wallballs (20/14)
15 power cleans (135/95)
3 Ring muscle ups / Bar MU (Women)
*Scaled: 14/10, 95/65, 10 pull-ups
*masters: 115/85, 6 chest to bar pullups

Great job yesterday on Workout #2. Here is Workout #3. We will test the complex next week and then decide who should compete on January 28th in which category. Good Luck!


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