WOD Thursday May 14th

TONIGHT AT 6PM! We are taking new pics for the website! Please come in and be ready to take some awesome pictures!  Havoc Beach WOD and Hang Out on May 17th! Share with everyone you know in the local CrossFit Community! Warm up: Group mobility 1. L-sit and Pistol work for 30 minutes 2. AsContinue reading “WOD Thursday May 14th”

WOD Tuesday January 27th

Yo this is the link for The Havoc Strength Fest Site. Check it out!! https://havocstrengthfest.wordpress.com/ Warm up # 9 1. 6 cycles of: 1 Press, 2 push presses, and 3 jerks 2. 5 Rounds for time of: 20 Air squats 5 L-pullups 20 Double unders 5 Weighted pullups @ 35 / 15 lbs