WOD Friday February 21st

Warm up # 5 From the mind of: “Lee” For total time: Take 10 minutes to establish a 1 rep power snatch Directly following the 10 minutes: take 2 minutes to do as many power cleans as possible with the final weight of your snatches. Rest 3 minutes 30 clean and jerks @ 135 lbsContinue reading “WOD Friday February 21st”

WOD Monday December 30th

Announcement!!!!! Starting next Monday January 6th CrossFit Havoc will be offering 6 am classes Monday, Wednesday and Fridays.   The gym will be open from 9-1 on Tuesday Dec 31st  and closed on Jan 1st  1. 3 sets of max reps : strict pullups – rest 3 minutes between efforts 2. For 20 minutes: OddContinue reading “WOD Monday December 30th”