WOD Monday December 30th

Announcement!!!!! Starting next Monday January 6th CrossFit Havoc will be offering 6 am classes Monday, Wednesday and Fridays.   The gym will be open from 9-1 on Tuesday Dec 31st  and closed on Jan 1st  1. 3 sets of max reps : strict pullups – rest 3 minutes between efforts 2. For 20 minutes: OddContinue reading “WOD Monday December 30th”

WOD Monday December 1st

Hey guys new month. Rent is due. Thanks. 1. Front Squat: 5,5,5 – take 85% of your last work set and try and hit 8-10 reps with it (if this is not really hard, then you probably didn’t  go heavy enough on your last triple) 2. For time: Complete 100 hand release clapping pushups Every minuteContinue reading “WOD Monday December 1st”